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Supported technology


about mobile
Nowadays we work with all technologies related to the automation of various types of communications

Mobile apps were originally offered for general productivity and information retrieval. However public demand and the availability of developer tools drove rapid expansion into other categories.

  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Chat-bot
  • Neural networks and artificial intelligence (AI)

Platforms and development environment

Java Enterprise, JS, .NET, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Angular, Node.js, HTML5 / CSS3

Mobile (iOS, Android), smart TV (webOS, Tizen)

DBA (Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)

Virtual machine (Hyper-V, VMware)

Test Automation

Machine Learning (AI, neural network)

appmyil mobile
appmyil mobile

Dedicated teams


At this level, we provide skilled specialist according to the client’s requirements. The project management and task settings is on the client side.


At this level, we provide the team and staff performs management. However, the process used by the team is entirely defined and controlled by the client.


At this level, in addition to the Basic service, we also work on defining and controlling the process used by the team Neural networks and artificial intelligence (AI).

Agile approaches

The most efficient way to top-quality solutions to the market with the most up-to-date required features or functionality

Project-based outsourcing

Voice Communication deliver project-based software development services according to the following pricing models

Fixed price (fp)

FP model offers customers a low-risk option. This model is used when the scope and requirements of the project are well defined and documented

Time and material (t&m) modelL

The T&M model is an attractive option in cases when scope, specification, and implementation requirements cannot be clearly defined at the beginning of the project

Agile fixed price (afp)

The scope is broken into short user stories, typical for Agile methodologies

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Our partners

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Product development

System of mass automated intellectual communications

MAICS™ – The product of new generation

Prerequisites — the creation and implementation of new tools using the speech recognition and synthesis technology


(segmentation, quotas, wave measurements)


(information about new products, agitation, spreading rumors, viral marketing)

Event management

(information on the activities, evaluation of the event)

Brand management

(brand awareness, loyalty)

Soft Collection

(notification of debts and receipt of feedback about the planned payment)

appmyil mobile
appmyil mobile
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Digital CATi

Our innovative developments in speech recognition and synthesis technology area allowed to create new tool of mass communication with customers / clients

DigitalCATI - telephone interviews using digital technology without agents

Key points of the developed solution:

about mobile
  • emulation of agent work
  • keeping the conversation with the respondent in an interactive mode
  • recognition of respondent utterances
  • keeping the conversation according to the programmed logic of dialogue
  • automatic tracking of quotas
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